Principles that guide our actions

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→ First, and always, the right and the obligation to go back home safe and sound;


→ We build trust by being honest and disciplined; we meet the rules and ethical principles, and we deliver our promises promptly;

→ We are relevant, reliable and open in how we communicate;


→ We share the commitment of keeping our operations safe, making the business succeed, and helping each other develop;

→ We effectively balance our technical, financial and operational expertise with the whole Appian group in order to enhance our performance;


→ We learn and continuously improve the way we add value to our team, to our business, and to our communities;

→ We pay attention to details and pursue excellence in order to be the best in our industry and to promote environment compatible and safe practices;


→ We have a vision of the future and we are responsive, skilled, and innovators in how we implement operational improvements;

→ We are diligent and insightful about our operations to ensure we are as safe and efficient as possible.