Atlantic Nickel is united with the population on the prevention of the new COVID19. Get to know our actions:


Regarding hygiene of bus fleet that brings and takes the employees to and from their homes, Atlantic Nickel is carrying out the cleansing of the vehicles interior in two moments: before and after commuting.


In addition to that, the company will adopt a system of distribution in a way that there are no more than 30 people inside a bus at the same time.


The company will also make sure all bus windows are kept opened.


The company clarifies that all trips are suspended.


The company further clarifies that it has been carrying out the monitoring of all employess by its medical team which follows-up any indication of illness on people.


Visitors are requested to fill in a form checking if they have traveled recently or if they have any flu symptoms. In any of the situations, the person will not be allowed to access the company.


In addition to that, Atlantic Nickel is studying the possibility of adopting the use infrared thermometers before allowing visitors to come in to ensure they are not feverish.


Another measure taken by the company is spacing out employees at lunch time so the restaurant is not crowded. The company will also provide take-outs as an additional measure.


These are just some of the measures adopted by the company due to the spread of COVID-19. It is important to stress that the company is following all World Health Organization and Health Ministry guidelines.


Atlantic Nickel’s health department has also kept open dialogue with Bahia Sanitary Surveillance to follow experts’ guidelines and inform people about the company’s ongoing actions.


Other ongoin actions:


  • Flexible sick notes according to the employees need;
  • Flu vaccination campaign starting on March 30th;
  • Seven-day quarantine for those who have traveled;
  • Reduction of people presence and circulation in closed places to the minimum necessary to keep going with essential services;
  • Use of online tools to held meetings or postpone them to April;
  • Increase personal hygiene products availability at all Atlantic Nickel’s facilities and at contractors’ construction sites – soap and hand sanitizer – including at safety gates;
  • Intensified hygiene including on toilets, door knobs and other surfaces;
  • Employees who can perform remote work are working at home from 03/18 to 03/31.


The company asserts that Safety is its main value and that it is employing all efforts and will implement all needed measures to protect its employees and the life of People surrounding the company.


Atlantic Nickel will continue to clarify as necessary to reassure the population and ensure transparency on company’s actions.


For further information:

Felipe Blanco – Sustainability and Communications Coordinator

(73 3313-1406) –

Ricardo Follador – Sustainability and Communications Analist

(73  98166-3545) –


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