We are committed to promoting a culture that prioritizes occupational health and safety. As the primary business enabler, continued improvements in safety performance at the Santa Rita Mine are a strategic long-term imperative. The company actively contributes to regional development through environmental education programs, donations and assistance to the community.

This process generally involves a comprehensive review of existing environmental liabilities, rehabilitation and closure plans, local legislation and licensing requirements, and local communities. The Atlantic Nickel team is aware of the continual need for social engagement and securing our license to operate by ensuring that all projects and opportunities have a viable, well-established and beneficial social outcome.


Health, safety, environmental and community support programs are treated as a priority for Atlantic Nickel. We understand that the provision of permanent jobs represents an opportunity to give back to the region’s community and contribute to economic growth.

In addition to providing job opportunities and training for the local community, Atlantic Nickel has already organized various social and environmental programs that promote the commitment to environmental preservation, including: sports for children, food education, cocoa cultivation, beekeeping, and reforestation, among others.